Navbar - Update!

( Updated @ Fri 7/10/17 @ 11:40 pm AEST GMT+11 )

Hello everyone, I have some important updates for you!

Firstly, our game services are no longer operational, due to my lack of updates and time i cannot commit to them currently.

I do want to bring back the game services in the future, however at this current time i do not have time for them.

Secondly, we have moved hosts, previously with exigent and now with Ovh! some of you may know them, well they now

have a Sydney datacentre with some servers, so i have opted to join with them and see how they perform.

In the comming weeks i will be focusing on getting this website udpated with a proper system, i have not decided

on the platform yet, but it's in the works. I will be updating the services seciton soon to reflect the changes.

Once the new website is up and going, i will be starting various little projects based on my knowledge of pc,

repair and troubleshooting, the system will be very easy to use and should help with alot of issues people have.

but this is currently on the back burner till the new site is up and going.

That's pretty much it for updates, any questions feel free to contact me by checking out below:

You can contact me at the following places: Twitter: @Energritz | Steam: Energritz | YT: Energritz | Email: Contact Me